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Rainy days at home

Productive morning so far:

Oldest is working on his presentation with the ATC for tonight, Romantic Music in the 19th Century and rewarding himself with learning Japanese. It's supposed to be 45 mins on the former and 15 mins on the latter as an incentive. Not sure it's working that way exactly. Have just logged him into the OU library to search for more resources on Romantic composers and the movement.

Mid kid is teaching himself songs on the piano from Youtube, a mixture of classical, movie themes and the Red Dwarf theme and occasionally bemoaning the fact that the piano is out of tune. Must save up the money to get that sorted.

Littlest kid is sewing horse rugs and choosing show names and barn names for her model ponies. So far we have Poppy aka Flanders Mare which also involved reading In Flanders Fields and talking about Henry VIII's wives and Gwen aka Guinevere Pendragon prompting discussion on King Arthur.

In between chatting/ helping/ being shown kanji/ getting played the latest improved version of a song, I'm getting some OU work done. At some point I will be sticking some word count down on my NaNo. All hail rainy days at home.