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Fell off the pony yesterday. We were trotting and she decided to go into a canter and turn quickly for the exit. I think if I'd have gone with it I might have been okay but in trying to bring her back to trot as she turned I lost my balance and came off. Thankfully we were in the sand school so I barely felt it at the time, my main concern was to get straight back up and catch her in case she tangled in the reins and to reassure the kids I was okay, but I knew I'd be twingy the next day - and I am especially in the neck, left shoulder and back. I think if I were fitter my body would have absorbed the impact better, still no bones broken so all is well. And I got straight back on even though I felt a little shaky and got her going back around the school asap.

Littlest daughter wasn't too pleased. First she got all upset with the pony for causing me to come off, then later that evening she got upset with me for falling off.

I did get to do some lunge reining with Susie post fall and that was great fun. She also responded to me really well off lead, following me around the school and stopping when I stopped, really listening to me. I couldn't believe that she trusted me that much. Amazing. On Friday I want to go back and do a bit more ground work with her without Gemma present in case she was just behaving because her owner was there.

Had a bit of a grind getting the kids to do some written work this morning. We had catch up to do on the Pympes Court Farm project. Sasi knuckled down well but it took nearly three hours to get Saul to stick a few photos and write a bit of blurb to go with it.

Three hours.


I finally engaged his interest by finding a youtube video demonstrating how a hydram works, similar to the hydro pump they use on the farm to bring water up from the valley. Once he had a visual it went much easier. He got very excited about the principles behind it all and completely understood how the hydram uses kinetic energy, the pressure of the flow of water, valves etc...to work against gravity. We even managed to work the Greeks in with a bit of Archimedes (that man gets about doesn't he?)

The really interesting thing about the hydram the farm uses is that it dates back to the early 1900's.

Despite engaging him it was still a battle to get him to write it down but I finally got two coherent sentences out of him. So visuals are go and written work a bust. 

Still got some sticking and writing to do in the project books but I reckon a couple of short sessions should get us caught up by next Tuesday when we return to the farm for a visit.


23rd Jun, 2012 04:03 (UTC)
That was a metaphorical looking at our family life from the outside not as in physically looking into our house from outside our window ;)

My kids are out and about a lot including museums and theatre trips. We'd have gone out on this particular day in the afternoon too if the work had been finished in the morning and not taken so long to complete. It was actually a rare day in for us doing 'table' work.

But yes I'm finding it very helpful to record what we're doing on here :)